Honeypot Feeds

External ICS/SCADA Feeds: We have deployed the industry’s most extensive global deployed ICS Industrial Honeypot network - Our systems has been 'proven by fire' for the last 5+ years and the vast knowledge has been build into our in-house Defenica Honeypot.

Our approach on the global deployed network ensures that the attackers are interacting with real equipment/ believable simulators to ensure the best possible threat data. The data are then improved, adding a numbers of Tags to drill down the data, e.g marking; 'known' scanners (SHODAN, Rapid7 etc), special movement/preference and signature of the tools/Zero-days used (whenever possible).

Our Honeypot network current support the following ICS/SCADA- specific software/devices including; • Various PLC's vendors • Various Industrial Firewall & Industrial network vendors • Industrial Ethernet-to-serial converters • HMI and other industrial equipment