It's all about securing, what important to our everyday life - critical infrastructure sectors, who supports our every-day life. (previous known as Stixfeeds project) has one of the largest global ICS/SCADA honeypot sensor networks deployed.

A honeypot sensor are a "fake" system, designed to let unsuspecting hackers trying to breach the information security, while recording everything to research the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) a attacker would use to take control over critical infrastructure.

 We do offer a numbers of ICS/SCADA and IOT Threat feeds  - Sectors to benefit from our research feed;

  •     Energy (Electric power, Oil & Gas, Wind and Nuclear)
  •     Transportation (Rail, Air)
  •     Healthcare
  •     Water and waste water
  •     Other types of industrial manufacturing (e.g Food and beverage, Recycling)
We do also offers IDS ICS/SCADA vulnerabilities signatures - please contact us for details.
The collected information are compared with the other sensors on a large scale to find threat intelligence in Industrial control system (ICS) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) -  building practical information security with a real-life perspective.

 Furthermore, a numbers of hardware vendors has been given free assistance in reporting e.g firmware vulnerabilities  that our internal research has found, e.g HUAWEI , PaloAlto, SIEMENS and Moxa NPort